Sunday, October 01, 2006

Response to an article

One of the readings that we read for today's class was MySpace Can Be Our Space by Christopher Harris. In this article he wrote about some strategies that can allow educators to take the pheonomena that is MySpace and incorporate it into classroom activities.

There is alot of anxiety by parents and teachers when it comes to this new social boom on-line. For many adults, only the evils are seen, i.e. internet predators and inappropriate material being viewed by the children. These are completely valid concerns, and should most definately be addressed with the students. But what about the positives of such a medium?

Harris' article delved into using MySpace as teaching tools, or talking tools, in such subjects as art, music and social studies. I enjoyed very much the new twists that adults are using to stay connected to the next generation of tech savvy students.

Your thoughts?


Blogger Krsitin The Defenestrator said...

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Blogger Michelle said...

I agree that we need to focus on the positive attributes of myspace and the social software community. There are evils that are vivid throughout the world, but we need to educate everyone of how to be safe and the wonders of this growing world.

2:13 PM  

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